Sunday, January 16, 2011

fuck i hate labeouf

I hate Shia LaBeouf more than can be healthy. I don't think it's really acceptable, how much I'd love to watch him unarmed in a real life deathmatch situation with someone twice his size, who also Just happens to have a spoon and Must kill him with it. With it, and nothing else. Even seeing that, I'd Still feel no sympathy for him. Boy, you think you grew up in a hard neighborhood? You were on Even Stevens. Go fuck yourself.

I can't tell you how jealous I am of every actor. (Excuse me, I have an entire bottle of Zen of Zin wine in me. Delicious. Cheap. I like that combo.) But, its people like Shia that piss me off. If you're going to be doing what I wish I was, and at a younger age than me, then god Damn you'd best be good at it. And yet, he continues to act in a way that let's me know that "This is Shia as n" (N being whoever it is he's supposed to be at this point). Never has he made me feel it was credible. Never have I gotten lost in the acting, lost in the dialogue, certain that I'm catching a real glimpse of someones life. Of a real scene that normally, I wouldn't be privy to. No, I've always gotten "Ah man. Shia's shittly rattling off words again. At least they're in the right order!"

I just want to move on. I'm thinking of getting a second job. If I don't, I can enjoy 10 years of paying back loans. Don't ask me how that's acceptable to anyone. This system we have going? Fucking stupid. "Oh No! We're having economic troubles! It totally can't be from the fact that there are no new units of economic change!" Yes. Let's make sure anyone getting out of college *Read: Everyone worth mentioning* can't possibly afford to do anything real. Because, damn. We have a good thing going... Oh, wait. The dollars on fire, and we're still pretty much the laughingstock of the world community.

Hm. So. Second job. Money funneled directly into my debt, along with more of my main jobs money. I could pull this off. I just have to figure out where I can work to best handle these stupid shifts I have. OR, I could conceivably get a different Main job, and make my current main the secondary. Hmm... Wouldn't that be nice?