Monday, June 21, 2010


Aw man, I'm going to miss this thing. I gotta say, living here with Taylor was definitely a treat, and there were moments that both enriched my life, and that I would never trade for the world. Heh... I'm getting sad just touching upon the subject. It's one of those things, you know? I'll never have it again, but it was the best while it lasted. I really am going to miss this whole experience, and I know that living with my family for while will constantly remind me of this. I'm confident, though, that should for some reason I need to get away from it, I'll be able to. I just need to start paying back some of what I owe, and when I get a good handle on that, I'll start considering a place of my own.

I dunno, though. I imagine that living by myself would kill me. I need the constant interaction of people. It's just who I am. When I have too much time to myself, I get too reflective and start to drive myself nuts. So, perhaps it Is best I wait. And, you know, the whole Australia thing might actually happen, so I'll have Erick to live with for a while, and that should be awesome. I love, and miss, that boy. What the Fuck is he doing so far away? Pff. Tool. (Of the Titans.)

Yeah. So, listening to my music right now. Tim McGraw. I gotta admit to it. Some of his songs, they're the most beloved in my world. Lyrics to songs like "Just To See You Smile," they get me every time. I guess I have some sort of naive assumption that this is exactly what love it, and some masochistic interest in being that sort of martyr. Beh. I'm something, but maybe not that.

Anyhow, I'm currently working on a film project with a friend of mine. I've never seen myself as the most creative person, preferring a script ready for me rather than improv or writing myself, but this far I've exceeded my expectations. I've helped him flesh out every character, and re-written the end (the idea at least, if not actually putting pen to paper myself) and, really, most of the story as well. I can't WAIT to play the part I want, though. It's a middling role, but he seems like such a fun, reckless type. It should be amazing, getting throw myself into that role as intensely as I have my last few. I don't mean to sound egotistic (Haha), but I'm so supremely confident in my talent right now, I'd take on Anything (besides like, Shakespeare. I'd get roasted there. Not my sorta thing.) right now. Bring me any role! I'll make it mine, and I'll turn it out as well as anyone else, and better than most. ;} Anyhow. Back to life. Tata.

"True country music is honesty, sincerity, and real life to the hilt."
Garth Brooks

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