Monday, March 8, 2010

Destination : Las Vegas

I’m writing this in the car, so, it’s obviously a post that will be up later than it was composed. Currently, we’re heading to La Jolla, where we will be purchasing goods, services, and various souvenirs with our currency, good looks, and charm. I just found out my phone and Erick’s camera cord work together, so I was able to dump some pictures onto my lappies hard drive. This’ll make life SO much easier, as I was kicking myself for forgetting my own cord before. So, there will be a lot more pictures for face book later, because of this.
I can’t stress enough how awesome this has all been, and what conflicting emotions it produces. It brings me back to my time in Japan, just in the differences in scenery and feeling slightly out of place. Even Ohio had a bit of this feel, and the hotel totally reminded me of that.  I’m glad I’m here with Erick, because we work so damn well together, and tend to play well off the others strengths. This a combo, I think, that will survive Australia, Seattle… And all that crap in between.
Just left the beach, got our pants soaked alittle, our feet wet. It was a good time, kids, trust me. I feel like Mike, Ericks friend, is kind of keeping us down, though. He’s more knowledgeable of the are, yes, but he’s also… Kind of  awkward. But it’s alright. I’d just love to have more conversation time, just between best friends, you know? We’re in Cali! What would make for better conversation? We just spent the last 5 hours or so on this little strip out here, hanging out, talking to store owners, enjoying the air. California just Smells good. We got some ice cream at this little place that boasted two celebrity pictures; Mandy Moore (When she was younger) and Cuba Gooding Jr, (When he may have still been relevant).And now? Now we’re on our way to Vegas! Goodbye, crazy trees. Goodbye, ocean. Goodbye, scents of my youth. Goodbye, seals puking on each other. Hello open road!

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