Monday, May 2, 2011

can't stop me now.

I've been meaning to write something for a couple days now, but I've yet to find that spark I need to write something acceptable enough to share. There are all sorts of topics to choose from that the world has been kind as to offer me... Royal wedding (if you cared about that, I honestly don't care much about you), Osama dying (I love watching people celebrate more death? Oh, wait, I don't. Whatever he's done, let's not become monsters over it. Accept it and move on, please), this wonderfully dreary weather... Plenty. But, nothing that has me worked up enough.

It's going to be nice to get out of PA. I think I've got just about all I can out of this place. If I stay any longer, I feel like I'll just go ahead, gain 40 pounds, take to wearing white tees, a pack of cigs in my front pocket, and ill-fitting jeans. If I'll do it, I'll do it hard. That's all this place offers any of us. (trust me, I see everyone in pa. It's the inevitable end this place has for it's victims.)

I get a bit of a mini-view of life away from here come june. A week away, south carolina, an old friend to catch up with and NOTHING TO DO. Nothing but laying in grass or sand, feeling the earth spin ever so softly under me. Pretending I'm 8 again, letting the days drag and stretch. Mm. Should be awesome. :]

Hm. And my mood has improved so much. Thank you, Blog. Y'all have a good night, friends and fakes alike. I love ya all.

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