Thursday, December 29, 2011

i want to live to see you undress.

.Ok, so attempt numero uno failed hard for me on the whole... Trying to get with my buddy Scott and see if we have the juice and creativity to make something happen film wise. Miscommunications (the story of my life) ruled the day. But! There is always tomorrow, right?  Or, more specifically, next monday or tuesday. Fingers crossed, kids.

I admit I don't have much really fleshed out in terms of ideas. But I have all these... Vague, nebulous ones that just need someone else more creative than I to take them a step farther. If Scott is that guy, then huzzah! If not... It can't hurt to try. I need something to feed me. I don't like the dull vibe I have these days.

Someone get me a goddamn script and a stage.

The way I spend my days? Work. Skyrim. League. Intensely Awkward and conflicting social situations.

Anything else? Ah, yes. Sleep once a week or so. I don't know if I have a particularly healthy social circle anymore. They're either too far away or riddled with issues. But, hey, I'm a big boy, and big boys make square pegs fit through round sockets (is... Is this phrasing weird to you, too? Good. Not just me.)

Oh! Can we finally state, officially, that anyone that doesn't believe in evolution is an idiot? Just... The worst kind of backward? I'm talking confederate flag wavin', tobacco chewin', sister screwin' backward? I mean... Come on. Seriously now. I saw a little magnet on a car today of a fish with "truth" on it, eating a darwin fish.

On a Toyota Camry.

It's just a kinda depressing car, ok?

But seriously. I puked alittle in my mouth. How... How long until those people die off? I feel like the people who, after learning that illnesses were caused by bacteria and such, rather than evil spirits. It's just sad to think they're out there, pleased as could be to be stubbornly idiotic. We're at the point that evolution is on par with gravity as being a solid lock for existing and turning out true.

I could have slapped that driver, had we not both been in moving vehicles. Ugh.

Go talk amongst yourselves. I have stuff to do.

Fragile Art.

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  1. You'll get there, Mike. I feel the same. Like I'm so close to something, it just needs more before I get there. Miss ya <3