Wednesday, April 6, 2011

must be 3am.

Restless mind at 3am.

Yesterday was awesome. Truly, a day that can reaffirm everything. I can't believe I still have so many friends hiding out in ol' IUP. I got there early, and never really got a chance to slow down between making spur of the moment plans with friends I had intended to see, and spending hours catching up with people that I (like a jerk) hadn't even thought of. There was some guilt tripping, and some people that got missed, but all and all, I couldn't have asked for a warmer reception. I miss so much about that place. Locales, and locals, with the latter holding the distinct advantage.

Pangs. Felt at the oddest times. Though in hindsight, I should have seen them coming. But the "power-through option" returned, which was just amazing and oh so well timed.

It's still going to be busy for me in the near future... I've got Philly in a few days to make good on a promise, and almost all free time before that is booked. Oy. It only confounds everything more that I have so little money right now. I Should be spending them on loans, and I promise to do my best to see that come to pass, but I Can't go to philly without alittle cash, can I? Maybe I can convince Boris to pay for it all...

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