Friday, February 5, 2010

Riot Act

So, today Rick, my theatre professor, dragged me and Ryan (I'm going to use names you may not know of. Accept it. We'll move on.) aside. Oy. It's not that I mean to miss the class. It's a matter of things simply coming up, or... Yeah. Being lazy. But that class is literally the only one I care about this semester. Doesn't that kill? My Psych classes mean nothing to me, and sociology is even Farther down the list than that. I'm so ready to get out of here, I really am.

It's the friends that keep me around though, for this one last semester of limbo. One more, and then I'll deal with working towards life. !!! Argh! That's so exciting! I know that I'm ready, that I can handle anything the rears it's ugly head. Even if I can't, I've got my friends, I've got Erick who professes to be interested in tagging along for the ride. Even if he doesn't, though... How romantic of an idea is this? Moving across the country, setting up shop without a fallback, and just... Auditioning? Making it work. Taking crappy jobs to maintain while I look for real work. That's what life is about!

Auditioning... Speaking of that, Tost auditions are coming up, and I just signed up to do a cold reading for Waller one-acts. Not super concerned about either, though. Just something to keep the rust off, and keep my practice up. Only one Tost show is at all interesting, so, I feel bad for anyone coming to see them, but if I get the role I want (And damn it, I will), trust me.... it'll be worth the three others. Parker seems like just... Such a difficult character. So many subtle nuances that have to be realized, it reminds me alot of the play I directed. I would have loved to actually have played a part in it, but directing it was an experience all it's own, so I think it was more than totally worth missing out. Feh... If my male lead would have just enjoyed the Publish Postrole more, I know it could have really been something. Alas, not everyone is like me, I guess. There's something wonderful about a two person play, though! The energy that you Have to have, the interaction speed... You have to be willing to take on alot of pressure. There is no leeway for mistakes when it comes to that sort of play. Either you make the audience believe they're privy to a very private exchange between two people, or it's all for naught. Give me Parker, and trust me, one half of Change on the Table is secured.

Enough for now! I've got cleaning to do. Apparently Tay is throwing a party tonight. Haha, awesome life.

Fragile Art,
"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."

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