Monday, March 14, 2011


You know, I really don't think there is anything like a long bath. They say water has curative powers, and I don't feel like I can argue. No matter how far gone or lost I am mentally, some time just soaking can let it all ebb away. I thought about writing again while I was in there, but... I didn't really want to spoil it. It's been a long week. And not necessarily in any bad way. There were low moments, but at times everything spiraled to such heights.

I do like the random opportunities that come my way, though. I currently have a friend with a father that is a stage manager for some stuff in Pittsburgh, and I guess I'll see what can grow from that. Pittsburgh may be a desert for the theatre, but, who knows. Maybe I'll find something. Or not. It can't hurt though. Worst comes to worst, I've wasted some of my extremely low value time. I don't have a ton of it, but 'eh. I can spare some.

Ah man. It's been a recurring theme, this whole losing friends thing. But, I gotta say it's always foremost on my mind. I hate it. And I hate that I keep getting so bothered by it. I just need to let the past go, I suppose. I'm obviously not the best at that. I hate the idea of something left unfinished like this. I also hate the idea of giving up on things. And... powerlessness. Yeah. I feel helpless. On this, there is nothing I can do. I can't force a person to Want to spend time with me if they don't care to. I can pretend to be someone else, and fake it into existence maybe, but what the hell would that be? That'd be monstrous.

It's just time to let it all go, though. I have a lot to look forward to. That I like. I just have to put all that baggage behind me. Hard, but not impossible. I'll make it work, though. Things have a way of falling into place.

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