Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yep. Had a short film audition today. It was interesting. Different, at least, seeing as almost all my experience comes from theater and stage work. I forget that it isn't so important to project, to let my near instinctual gesturing calm to normal levels... But with all that, I still think I made a good showing of myself.

I got there early, helped them get set up, was very personable (to distraction, actually. We got off track way too often), and, well, they won't be forgetting me too easily. Those are the pluses. And one role, a supporting one, is right up my alley. He's the smiling "I'm taunting you" smug kind, and I play those so well.

And, yet, I feel uneasy about it. I don't know this terrain well. It's my first, post-college, real-career choice audition. It's no longer a hobby. This is, someday, going to be my job. So... Getting cast is important, and I can no longer just expect it like I used to. TostAndTurned parts became an expectation. I always knew I'd have a big role, if not a lead. For all their drama that went down, it never was an uncertainty, even as I waited up until midnight for the results.

So, it's a new era. I'm a business man. I'm working. I'm investing my talent towards something. Gotta believe I'm going to make it just as easy as it used to be.

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