Monday, February 28, 2011


Alright, it's been a crazy couple of days.

Let's start with friday. I work 8 hours, from 2pm until 10. I then drive quickly out to Oakland to attend my friends sisters 21st birthday party. Much alcohol is imbibed, and much fun is had. Some of it, I suppose, less than clean and family friendly, but luckily my character is not under question here. It was just a great time. The only problem was, it ended around 4amish for me, and I had filming starting at 6am. Yeah. That's legit, right there. So, spent two hours trying my best to get some lines saved in my head, meanwhile lamenting what a stupid idea it was to have allowed myself to be awake so long.

So, we proceed to film until 11, and I get about an hour nap at home, which I had driven back to so I could collect my boots. Of course, I manage to forget them after the nap that did nothing but make everything worse. Luckily for me, my director Fred was a hero, and let me crash on his couch from 1pm until 5. Then, my producer D.J. fed me. Man, it's nice being the lead of a film. Totally re-energized, we got everything together... Only to find out that we wouldn't be able to continue filming that day due to some of Freds friends not doing their part. I get out of all that around 7:30... Only to have an overnight shift to pull off. And then, drive out to Indiana county at 6am. What a life.

But, I did get to wake up to the beautiful Samantha, eat with a good old friend, and then catch the Vagina monologues with Mama Forbes. Haha, such a sweet, gorgeous lady. It was such a good showing, too. I usually expect a 50/50 sort of experience with these sorts of shows, half good, half bad. But, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Most in the show did a very good job, with the best in my opinion held by Sarah Blantz, Chelsea Forbes, and Tiffany Hallcambell, with Sam being right up there as well. Honestly, I was blown away by each. Sarah, though she started to lose a bit of her accent at one point, made me feel for her character so much more than I ever had. I've seen this show numerous times, and have see some good actresses try their hands at The Flood, and I typically have enjoyed watching it done, but this was something else. Very impressed. Tiffany hit Reclaiming Cunt with such energy and force of personality, it was perfect. My only complaint comes with her moving too fast. I feel that if she had taken a bit more time with it that she could have coaxed more out of the audience by the time it came to chant. I've never seen Under the Burka before, but Chelsea surprised me. It could have easily felt too long, but she paced it well, and kept me interested. Sticking to the chair, keeping a very demure sort of posture was perfect. And Sam, I wish she had taken more time to make it her own, but she had a good feel for the role. And she didn't even attempt a British accent, which I am very happy about. I can't stand a badly done accent, and though I don't know if hers would have been, I just know it's hard to pull off. It was a wonderful show, ladies.

And then, after that finished, I had to drive for two hours out to my friend Victors for his housewarming party. It was so nice to catch up with a couple of old friends. In that group, I was a late, fringe addition at the end of highschool, so I never really was cemented into it. Which is sad, because I very much enjoy all of them, and the whole once every other year thing gets so old, so fast.

Isn't that life though? People fall to the wayside as you keep powering forward. No one has enough time for everyone. It's just how it works. Sad. Got a couple fun pictures from that party, though, and I can't wait for summer now. I'll enjoy making use of his pool.

Anyhow! That's enough for now. Time to rest. Finally.


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  1. Man, I felt exhausted just reading that. Glad to know you're safe and getting rest now, though!