Saturday, February 19, 2011

so, a wild schedule appears.

Mm, yeah. It's been a decent couple of days. Time with friends, and well, some people I do my best to pretend are friends, is always time well spent.

I guess the real noteworthy news is that I'll be starting filming soon. I don't want to talk this up like it's anything big, but it is exciting. To me, at least. It's not earthshaking, but it's my first opportunity to show myself off on a larger stage than college could support. I'll be getting my first look at the script soon, so... My worry is that this part won't let me show off my normal role. I'm typically type cast. This cop, from what I've read and seen just doesn't fit the mild. I'm more ecentric and weasely than forceful and aggressive. But isn't that exactly what I should want? I should be stretching my acting range, not trying to hide behind what I know I can do.

This just isn't that serious. It's the perfect stage for this sort of artistic exploration. Though, for them, (filmer and assistant) it poses greater risk. Getting the most out of me should be their foremost interest, but maybe they saw something I didn't. I guess a bit of my fear in this is that they didn't actually think I was better at this role than the supporting one that was the more typical for me, but instead that I was simply the best actor that showed. I get the main role not out of merit, but out of lack of someone better to fill the need when I could have been a more perfect fit elsewhere.

Hm. Either way though, should I even be bothered? Bah! I'll just take it as a challenge. Screw worry. I'll Make the film, and then move on to my next opportunity.

Basically, if I have to peddle cigarettes much longer, I will go insane. Ugh. Disgusting.

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  1. I have faith in you! Having doubt is normal, especially when working outside your comfort zone. I'm certain that you'll do the best you can, and I'm really excited for you! I can't wait to see how this all develops over time, and it sucks I can't be around to see you more (and that we didn't hang out more when I was, but that was really my own antisocial fault).

    Best wishes! I know that you'll do the very best, and then some.

    <3 - Dani